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Task Master 426 E


Task Master 426 E 

This tractor offers a lot for a little...! Start with 4-wheel drive, add a long-stroke 3-cylinder 26 horsepower diesel engine with a huge, heavy flywheel, and you have the torque to do the work. To better use all its power, you have an 8-speed transmission geared to eliminate the requirement for a creeper gear. It is a 4-speed manual transmission with a high low splitter. The tires provide 12 inches of clearance under the front transaxle (the lowest point)!

Only 20 hours, perfect condition...

Key Benefits

  •  Engine decompression lever to assist starting in cold climates
  •  Foot and hand engine-speed control
  •  Spin-on oil filters for fast, easy servicing
  •  Engine-usage hour meter
  •  Sun shade
  •  Oil, water & amperage gauges let you monitor engine operation
  •  Hydraulic power-steering for easy turning under any condition
  •  Live hydraulic power allows you to adjust implements even when clutch is depressed
  •  Swing draw bar for towing implements, trailers, etc
  •  Dual-Leveling 3-point link arms for use with standard catagory-1 implements
  •  Rear-wheel brakes may be operated individually or at the same time for assistance on tight turns and safety when stopping
  •  Parking brake
  •  Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) is frame mounted and OSHA certified so it is legal to let others operate your tractor
  •  Foldable ROPS allows you to reduce height when in buildings or parking the tractor
  •  Seat belts, PTO shield, emergency signal lights and clutch-depress safety switch are standard for your protection
  •  Headlights, brake lights and rear work-lights provide the ability to do the job even after dark
  •  Select 2 or 4 wheel drive as required, without getting off the tractor
  •  Standard 6-spline 1 3/8" power take-off shaft will operate all standard implements without adaptors
  •  Two-stage clutch provides full time power to the PTO even when changing gears or stopped.
  •  Adjustable operators seat
  •  Rear wheel weights and front frame weights provide counter balance that may be required.
  •  20 horsepower at the PTO will operate all types of implements
  •  1,200 lbs. of 3-point lift capacity can handle some large implements
  •  Foot-operated differential lock for when you need both rear wheels to turn together




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Task Master 426 E

Box Scrapper  6'

Post Hole Digger




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